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Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity! Ekom combines the scope of a sandbox with the depth of a roleplaying game, immersing players in a procedurally generated world where teetering towers and deep dungeons promise rich rewards. Designed with creative players in mind, Ekom's engine supports everything from block-by-block castle construction to scripting and customization delivered using easy to use and powerful tools.

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In game suggesions, balance.

- I've compiled all my suggestions here from the discord channel. This might be better to read.

0. Table

  1. PvM points shop
  2. Quick teleports
  3. Obelisk
  4. Active events UI, announcements

1. PvM points shop

As YUUMA#1239 mentioned on discord, add more items to PvM points shop. PvM is the usual activity for players in server, so player gather some pvm points pretty fast. The thing is that pvm shop is really small, it doesn't have many important, useful items. After you buy few items you're interested in, you don't really have where to spend leftover points. You could buy crystal keys, use them or combine for super crystal key, mystery boxes, lamps. But rewards from those aren't that interesting.

You could add more high tier gear to that shop, but it will discourage players from doing bosses. People just could kill simple mobs, for BIS gear. So that doesn't really make sense. Also there are a lot of other shops that already have all the end game gear, so adding more of those items to pvm store, would make it unbalanced.

Adding cosmetics doesn't really work here either, because at least for me, cosmetics and pvm doesn't appear as one, it would be suitable for skillers. Unless there are some cool cosmetic items, that would make players look like cool warriors, mages, rangers, etc.

What I think is suitable for pvm store are supplies. It's simple, people who want to pvm, gather points, then can spend those points to buy supplies for other pvm content. As it is pvm store, people who do only pvm and not skilling, this would be kind of good way of getting supplies.


2. Quick teleports

I noticed that cost for quick teleports near home bank are super cheap. Let's take GWD teleport for example. You pay 80k for 10 kc. With that you can teleport there and go straight to the boss. For bandos boss, you can make that back in like 3 kills, as boss and 3 minions drop from 60k to 500k+.

The costs then becomes so useless, it's like getting 10 kc and faster kills for nothing really.

Don't know what amount of coins other bosses drop in GWD, but if its the same I suggest to either nerf coin drops from bandos, so all bosses drop some what same amount of gold or increase coin drops from other bosses. Then increase the price for quick teleports to those places to like 300k-500k. This might require some balance, but I think it's good choice.


3. Obelisk

There is no way new players would know, that you have to use sets on obelisk to obtain the items or for example use crystal keys to get super crystal key. These are the things that I only know atm. Maybe there are even more things that you can do with it. But there is no way of knowing it. There should be an npc maybe or smth near it, which could explain what it is for, with all available features.

4. Active events UI, announcements

I'm not sure, but I think the only way of knowing if double events are active is to check the well(?) Don't know if i even shows it. Or be online when bonus is activated, so you'll see the bonus message.

M suggestion is to add UI elements, that show which bonuses are active, to the server information section.


Or (and) add login message that also tells, that there are some double bonuses active.



These are all suggestion from me for now. Feel free to comment and discuss these.


How to Farm in Ekom

Hello welcome to my farming guide, ill be discussing and providing pictures to show you how to farm in Ekom.


First you're going to teleport using the teleport wizard @ Home.


Then scroll down and click on skilling. Then following that you're going to click on farming patches.


Yellow Box - Banker

Pink Box - Farming Store



This is the setup you want to have for farming.

You want 4 buckets for compost and bring whatever seeds are efficient for your level.


1. Rake the herb patch

2. Take the weeds and fill them into the compost bin

3. Right click the compost bin and empty-from to fill your buckets

4. Click the 4 herb patches to apply the compost to it

5. Use seeds on the herb patches

6. Click care for to apply water

7. Wait till herbs are grown (depends on seed level)

8. Harvest your herbs.


Update 17/10/2019

HUGE UPDATE 17/10/10:

You need a new client To apply this UPDATE.

Download the latest client from our website:


-Poison and venom effect fixed. Every time you get poisoned Or venomed, your hitpoints bubble will turn To their respective colors (Green and dark Green)

-Delay between weapon switches is now instant.

-Donatorboss' animations have been fixed and they are stronger than before: hits more often and harder (if you use protection of melee, they will still hit you but less)
     - - Extreme Boss fixed

- Some client codes and a lot of errors (that the game has shows us)  have been fixed.

-Perfect AGS/Gmaul combo is now perfect.

-F Keys are saved.

- Lottery system has been perfected.

-HIGH RISK ZONE! You can tp To the highrisk ZONE with the ::highrisk command (which is a ZONE that looks like home, but it is lvl 10 wildy and you cant protect any item!)
     - - Banks and the trading post ZONE are SAFE spots in the highrisk ZONE.


New Website:

New Forums:

New Highscores:


(Hiscores will be finished 17/10/2019 night)