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Update 17/10/2019

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HUGE UPDATE 17/10/10:

You need a new client To apply this UPDATE.

Download the latest client from our website: http://ekom-ps.com/


-Poison and venom effect fixed. Every time you get poisoned Or venomed, your hitpoints bubble will turn To their respective colors (Green and dark Green)

-Delay between weapon switches is now instant.

-Donatorboss' animations have been fixed and they are stronger than before: hits more often and harder (if you use protection of melee, they will still hit you but less)
     - - Extreme Boss fixed

- Some client codes and a lot of errors (that the game has shows us)  have been fixed.

-Perfect AGS/Gmaul combo is now perfect.

-F Keys are saved.

- Lottery system has been perfected.

-HIGH RISK ZONE! You can tp To the highrisk ZONE with the ::highrisk command (which is a ZONE that looks like home, but it is lvl 10 wildy and you cant protect any item!)
     - - Banks and the trading post ZONE are SAFE spots in the highrisk ZONE.


New Website:

New Forums:

New Highscores:


(Hiscores will be finished 17/10/2019 night) 




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