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  1. Hello welcome to my farming guide, ill be discussing and providing pictures to show you how to farm in Ekom. First you're going to teleport using the teleport wizard @ Home. Then scroll down and click on skilling. Then following that you're going to click on farming patches. Yellow Box - Banker Pink Box - Farming Store This is the setup you want to have for farming. You want 4 buckets for compost and bring whatever seeds are efficient for your level. 1. Rake the herb patch 2. Take the weeds and fill them into the compost bin 3. Right click the compost bin and empty-from to fill your buckets 4. Click the 4 herb patches to apply the compost to it 5. Use seeds on the herb patches 6. Click care for to apply water 7. Wait till herbs are grown (depends on seed level) 8. Harvest your herbs.
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