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  1. So yesterday 26.10.2019 I maxed my regular account. Playtime around 4days and 20hours. My future plans are to get as many 200m skills as possible and get better gears.
  2. This is guide how you use and how you get to wilderness chest You need Wilderness Key. When you have key you head to Wizard Distentor (Teleportation Wizard). He is located at home east of the home teleport spot. You choose Wilderness then Wilderness Agility Course (52lvl deep wild). After teleport you are front of Wilderness Agility Course. Head to North East (Low levels and ironmans notice that there is Mammoths lvl 80 and they are aggressive and area is multi combat) Untill you see shipwrecked. There is ladders and chest is located top flat of the ship. Use key to chest and you get yours reward.
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